Acumentrics Launches Vehicle Power Conditioner with Roll-Over Protection ~ Delivers Greater Safety and Survivability ~

Westwood, MA – May 6, 2010 – Acumentrics RUPS, LLC, an industry leader in Reliable Power Protection for mission critical military and industrial applications, today announced the release of a rugged vehicle power conditioner with roll-over protection for greater crew safety and survivability. This product and its unique, patent-pending features, provide evidence of Acumentrics’ continued commitment to the effectiveness and safety of the Warfighter with these enhancements to our proven, high-reliability and quality-designed power solutions.

The Company’s RUPS products are trusted in punishing environments with over 60,000 units deployed in military and industrial situations. The power conditioner provides 2kW of clean AC or DC power from virtually any AC (80-265VAC, 47- 400Hz) or DC (22-32VDC) input source. The unit is designed to shut-down power or to send a trigger signal to another system in the event of a vehicle roll-over. This feature uses solid state electronics, including programmable angles for initiating the trigger.

"We are delighted that the military helped us see the need for this feature and our engineers implemented it in a novel and effective manner,” stated Adam Briggs, Acumentrics’ Chief Executive Officer. “We aspire to deliver the most reliable and best supported products in our field and to achieve this, rely on our customers to challenge us to meet their need for innovative solutions."

About Acumentrics

Headquartered in Westwood, Massachusetts, Acumentrics Holding Corporation consists of two subsidiaries; Acumentrics RUPS, LLC, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and a leader in Rugged AC and DC uninterruptible power supplies (RUPS) for military and industrial power conditioning, backup, and other mission critical applications and; Acumentrics SOFC Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of solid oxide fuel cells with a durable, fuel-flexible, tubular ceramics-based technology. In business since 1994, Acumentrics is committed and proven to delivering Trusted Power Innovations. For more information on Acumentrics, please visit


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