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October 2018
EMS World Nashville TN, Oct 28-Nov1

October 2018
AUSA Washington DC, Oct 8-10

October 2018
AUV Las Vegas NV, Oct 1-3

September 2018
MDM, Quantico VA, Sept 24-27

September 2018
International drone, Las Vegas NV, Sept 5-7

July 2018
Outdoor Retailer, Denver CO, Jul 23-26

May 2018
SOFIC Tampa FL, May 21-24

May 2018
ROBOTICS Boston MA, May 23-24

May 2018
AUVSI Exponential Denver CO, May 1-3

April 2018
ATA18 Chicago IL, April 29-May 1

April 2018
AUSA Washington DC, Apr 9-11

March 2018
AUSA  Huntsville AL, Mar 26-28

March 2018
HIMSS18 Las Vegas NV, Mar 5-9

February 2018
AFCEA West San Diego CA, Feb  6-7


Acumentrics in the

September 19th 2017

Powering that gear is another acute challenge for the Marine Corps and its expeditionary missions. The average Marine’s kit is already weighed down with heavy battery packs, and the Corps is continuing a search for the perfect battery or mobile power source.

Rechargeable, disposable and solar-powered batteries, as well as other experimental technologies have all . But so far there’s no silver bullet.

“They are all trying to find the right technology that can provide very high energy for a long period of time but it also has to be lightweight,” said Yves Destenaves, a product manager with Acumentrics, a Massachusetts-based company that specializes in battery and power systems.

Acumentrics sells a 9-lb. battery system that is sewn into a standard Marine’s backpack with USB ports and traditional electrical-plug inputs accessible from the pack’s exterior and within reach for the warfighter.

More in the Marine Corps Times article

Acumentrics is exhibiting at the 2017 MDM (Modern Day Marine) Expo

September 19-21 at the Quantico Marine Corp Base, Quantico, VA.

Servicing the USMC for more than 20 years as Trusted Power Innovations Experts. Providing Power to the MAGTF at the tactical edge with expeditionary technology to operate anytime, under any condition, anywhere around the world.

We are introducing the FAA compliant Expeditionary Carry-On Power Pack UPS System

To know more, visit us at the booth 3103 where you will be able to recharge your smart phone– and get a free USB charger cord for it – using our state of the art 1U Rugged Blade UPS™ 1501.



WALPOLE, MA (July 18, 2017) - The board of directors of Acumentrics Holding Corporation (“Acumentrics”, the “Company”) today announced the appointment of John C. Cerulli as Chief Executive Officer. In this capacity, John will continue to be responsible, as CEO, for the activities of Acumentrics, Inc., the Company’s wholly owned power management subsidiary, as well as responsibility for the Company’s interest in its majority owned subsidiary, Atrex Energy, Inc. (“Atrex”).

Acumentrics  is also  pleased to announce a $2 million commitment to its majority owned subsidiary, Atrex Energy, Inc. supported by a new investment round from its existing shareholders and internal resources.

 “I am very excited to be given this opportunity and strongly believe in the outlook for both Acumentrics and Atrex Energy.  With the continued support of our strong shareholder base, both companies are well positioned to execute their respective strategic plans.”, said Mr. Cerulli.

Cerulli has over 20 years’ experience in financial and operational management in both the public and private sector.  Most recently he served for 11 years as Chief Financial Officer of Acumentrics Holding Corporation, and five years for Source Squared Enterprises, the leading shareholder of Acumentrics.  He received his BS in Accounting from Bentley University in 1993 and has served on the Board of Directors for several not-for-profit charitable organizations.

The Board of Directors of Acumentrics and of Atrex are also pleased to announce the appointment of Cary Bullock as CEO of Atrex. “We are grateful for this renewed commitment from our principal shareholder. Atrex Energy provides a compelling value proposition for reliable primary power in remote (off grid) markets and we are committed to delivering this value to our customers”, said Mr. Bullock.

Bullock is a 40-year veteran of clean energy companies, serving in a variety of top-level leadership positions.  He was the CEO of ThermoEnergy Corporation for three years, retiring in 2013 and continuing as a Board member.  He has a B.S. and M.S. from MIT in Electrical Engineering and a B.A. in Physics from Amherst College.

James Rosenfield, Chairman of Acumentrics, said:

“The Board and shareholders of the Company are committed to the success of both Acumentrics, Inc., and Atrex Energy, Inc., and are pleased to provide this support for Atrex Energy and to back the leadership of John Cerulli at Acumentrics, and Cary Bullock at Atrex”



Headquartered in Walpole, Massachusetts, Acumentrics, Inc. has been a trusted market leader in RUPS™ (rugged AC and DC uninterruptible power sources) for harsh and combat environments, since 1994.  Acumentrics U.S. design and manufacturing teams are experts at delivering Total Power Solutions, when clean power is mission-critical under extreme conditions.  Whatever your power system needs are, from RUPS™ electrical performance, rugged connectivity, cables, backplanes, PDU, transit cases, racks, battery packs and their associated chargers for high-energy or high-power applications, with the latest cyber secure communication interfaces, Acumentrics develops its offerings to your requirements, as it has done to many of the world’s largest prime defense contractors and heavy industrial manufacturers. More information is available at  



Headquartered in Walpole, Massachusetts, Atrex Energy, Inc. provides a variety of power generation products based on a unique tubular solid oxide fuel cell technology which operates on conventional natural gas and propane at high efficiency; no hydrogen is required.  Atrex Energy systems provide clients with money-saving, smart and reliable solutions for power needs.  More information is available at


For further information contact Acumentrics at

Acumentrics, Inc. is pleased to announce Elotek Systems, Inc. as the exclusive Sales Representative for Acumentrics in the Western United States.


Walpole, MA June 22, 2017

Delivering Total Power Solutions, when clean power is mission critical under extreme harsh conditions.


To broaden its ability to service their customers, Acumentrics, Inc. has recently entered into a manufactures representative agreement with Elotek Systems, Inc. covering 13 states in the western region of the USA.

Acumentrics Power Products provide clean AC or DC power supply in harsh environments, including dust, rain, wind, heat, cold, vibration, and shock and blowing sand. Our 100W and 2 kW UPS units are trusted worldwide in both military and industrial applications. Today, Acumentrics RUPS has an extensive portfolio of rugged power electronics products including Rugged-UPS™, power conditioners and power accessories.

“Elotek not only extends Acumentrics’ market presence in the Western United States including Alaska and Hawaii,” said Steve Corbesero, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Acumentrics, “but their experienced technical sales team meshes well with Acumentrics’ strategy of providing a total power solution to our customers solving their most challenging power requirements.”

About Acumentrics: 

Acumentrics, Inc., headquartered in Walpole, Massachusetts, has been a trusted market leader in RUPS™ (rugged AC and DC uninterruptible  power sources) for harsh and combat environments as well as heavy-duty industrial applications, since 1994.  RUPS™ products provide clean power conditioning and battery backup when reliability is mission-critical. Acumentrics, is a preferred supplier of US-made power electronics to many of the world’s largest prime defense contractors.

About Elotek:

Elotek Systems, Inc. was founded in 1981 and incorporated in the State of California in 1984. Elotek Systems is a solutions provider committed to the selling and marketing of technical solutions and products, which include sensing, measuring, conditioning, telemetering, recording and processing of data. Customers include aerospace, industrial, medical and military markets as well as OEM’s, systems integrators, VARs, engineers and end-users.

Acumentrics at SOFIC Tampa, FL May 15-18, 2017, booth 1526 with iGov

Acumentrics is exhibiting at the 2017 SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference) May 15-18 at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL. We proudly design and manufacture in the USA, Total Power Solutions, MIL standards tested, to withstand with high reliability, extremely harsh conditions. To know more, visit us at the booth 1526 where you will be able to recharge your smart phone – and get a free USB charger cord for it – using our state of the art 1U Rugged Blade UPS™ 1501 (1500 VA). We will demonstrate our latest Carry-On Power™ technology – Expeditionary Power Case, and Pack Power –  for the Special Operations Forces War Fighters.

Acumentrics provides mission critical power to the Special Operations Forces War Fighters, which allows them to deploy with confidence anywhere in the world, using any means of transportation and be operational in a moment’s notice, in any environment.

Acumentrics power solutions are lightweight, rugged, flexible and reliable

Acumentrics receives an outstanding award from Raytheon

Acumentrics, Inc. Walpole, MA October 2016

“Acumentrics, Inc. is very proud to receive an outstanding achievement award from Raytheon” said John Cerulli, Acumentrics CEO.

Acumentrics provides repair services for Rugged UPS units used by a large program for the US Marine Corp.  “Sometimes our products require an expedited delivery or a more attentive scope; the Acumentrics team has always been willing to go above and beyond in their support of these requests to help us deliver great products back to our Customer.  This level of support is the reason we felt they deserved this recognition, and we look forward to future opportunities through this partnership”, commented Derek Clements Raytheon SC Manager.                                                                                                                                                                                    


Acumentrics NEW product Announcement

Acumentrics, Inc. Walpole, MA is announcing a NEW member to its Trusted Rugged Blade UPS™ family at the Modern Day Marine September 27 to 29 (Quantico, VA) iGov booth 1031

Delivering, in the 1U form factor, 1250W of Power, 25% more Power Density than previous state of the art RUPS™. With Acumentrics unique Flo-Thru™ Technology, this ANB1501 RUPS delivers maximum protection to inside components, allowing stringent MIL-Standards compliance with the highest reliability in harsh environments.

With the introduction of the NEW Rugged Blade UPS™ Acumentrics continues to push the reduction in Size & Weight, and increase Power with a cost reduction per kW of Power, supporting the USMC’s MAGTF Modernization and permanent SWaP-C improvements for Tactical and Expeditionary Networking On The Move and other type of applications. Acumentrics continues to deliver Total Trusted Power Solutions, when clean power is mission critical under extreme harsh conditions.

ANB 1501 Rugged Blade UPS, key attributes:

  • 1U height, 19” rack and 19” transit case ready
  • 25% Power increase, delivering 1250W AC pure sine wave
  • SAFE and lighter LFP battery chemistry with long life and long run time
  • Up to 5 AC outputs limiting PDU requirements (size and weight)
  • N+1 Fault Tolerant architecture with load sharing limiting backplane requirements (size and weight) and delivering highest reliability in harsh environments
  • MIL Standards Certified

Visit Acumentrics at the Modern Day Marine September 27 to 29 (Quantico, VA) iGov booth 1031 and see this NEW product demonstrated in a transit case with the most advanced military applications for Tactical and Expeditionary Networking using the latest server and PC technologies. This MIL – Certified Solution is Dependably Deliverable today.

For any questions, or feedback, please contact us directly through our website Live Chat or our Contact links at

Acumentrics at Modern Day Marine September 27-29, 2016

Acumentrics, Inc. will be exhibiting in the iGov booth 1031 at the Modern Day Marine September 27-29 in Quantico, Virginia. Come and see us demonstrating the latest Rugged UPS Technology, designed for mission critical operations and MIL certified for extreme harsh conditions. Contact us to set-up a specific appointment.

CineMassive and Acumentrics Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Reliable, Resilient Expeditionary Visualization Systems

ATLANTA, June 29, 2016 – CineMassive, an industry leader in high-performance video wall systems, and Acumentrics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of ruggedized uninterruptible power supplies (RUPS), today announce their strategic partnership. The partnership combines CineMassive’s expeditionary visualization system, SMD, and Acumentrics’ Rugged Blade™ N+1 Fault Tolerant UPS System for the ultimate reliable, resilient expeditionary video wall system.

CineMassive designed the SMD system after receiving requests for a versatile, reliable, and resilient expeditionary video wall system. To ensure that the SMD could deliver optimal performance in the most extreme environments, CineMassive engineers were determined to use the most reliable and resilient RUPS in their design.

Acumentrics’ Rugged Blade UPS is engineered to perform in harsh environments where factors like extreme temperatures, inclement weather, and shock and vibrations would typically destroy other interruptible power supplies. Their rugged UPS systems are built and tested to military standards, making them a military favorite.

“We are very pleased that the Acumentrics Rugged Blade™ N+1 Fault Tolerant UPS System was the solution of choice to be used by CineMassive in their Scalable Mobile Display (SMD) Video Wall System” said Steve Corbesero, Acumentrics’ SVP of Sales and Marketing. “We are very excited to be working with CineMassive in providing state of the art technology to our Nation’s Special Forces and look forward to expanding our relationship.”

About CineMassive
Founded in 2005, CineMassive is an industry leader in delivering innovative, high-performance video wall solutions for mission-critical applications. CineMassive designs, builds, integrates, and supports purpose-built visualization systems that are tailored to meet the unique demands of each project. CineMassive has provided video wall systems for every branch of the US Armed Services, leading research universities, and top Fortune 500 companies. For more information, please visit

About Acumentrics, Inc.
Acumentrics, Inc. is headquartered in Walpole Massachusetts where it designs, manufactures and supports a full line of Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supplies (RUPS) designed to solve any customer’s power requirements. The Rugged Blade™ was developed as a small, lightweight easy to use, high reliability, rugged UPS that can quickly be deployed in any environment, in any part of the world to provide around the clock assured power. Acumentrics is a trusted market leader in total power solutions for harsh and combat environments as well as heavy-duty industrial applications. RUPS products provide clean power conditioning and battery backup when reliability is mission-critical. In business since 1994, Acumentrics is a preferred supplier of US-made power electronics to most of the world’s largest defense contractors. For more information, please visit

Acumentrics at SOFIC May 23-26, 2016

Acumentrics is exhibiting at the 2016 SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference) May 23-26 at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL. We proudly design and manufacture in the USA, Total Power Solutions, MIL standards tested, to withstand with high reliability, extremely harsh conditions. To know more, join us at the booth 1524 where you will be able to recharge your smart phone – and get a free USB charger cord for it – using our state of the art 1U Rugged Blade UPS™ 1251.

Shows & Events


October 2017
AUSA Washington, DC October 9-11, 2017  -booth with Ameripack, Themis

September 2017
MDM Modern Day Marine Quantico, VA September 19-22, 2017  -booth with iGov

June 2017
APG Tech Expo Aberdeen, MD June, 2017

May 2017
SOFIC Tampa, FL May 15-18, 2017  -booth 1526 with iGov

April 2017
AAAA Army Aviation Association Atlanta, GA April 26-28, 2017

March 2017
Satellite Communication Washington, DC March, 2017

March 2017
AUSA Redstone Huntsville, AL March 13-15, 2017



October 2016
AUSA, Washington (DC)

September 2016
International Mining Show, Las Vegas  (NV) 
Modern day marine, Quantico (VA) - Booth with iGov.

June 2016
APG Tech Expo, Aberdeen (MD) – TCS / ComTech - Acumentrics booth.

May 2016

April 2016
AAAA  Army Aviation Association, Atlanta (GA)

March 2016
SBANE, Raytheon Defense, Fall River  (MA) 
AUSA, Redstone Huntsville (AL) - Booth with Ameripack.

February 2016
Modern Day Marine West, Camp Pendleton (CA)

January 2016
Tactical Power Sources Summit, Washington (DC) 
Electric Hybrid Marine World Expo, Tampa (FL)

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Tested to withstand

  • Cold temperature

    Acumentrics Total Power Solutions including the RUPS™ are tested to the most stringent cold temperatures down to -20°C with LFP batteries. For solutions requiring lower temperatures, contact Acumentrics.

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  • Hot temperature

    Acumentrics Total Power Solutions are field war zone proven and support very high temperatures with very long life and high reliability with LFP Chemistry up to 60°C. Storage at high temperatures is possible with a very limited effect on battery life.

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  • Blown Precipitation

    Our unique heat exchanger Flo-thru™ technology, tunnel design and sealed enclosure provide maximum protection for internal components from damaging effects of blown precipitation and any other contaminants like dust, sand, moisture and others, delivering an unmatched reliability for our RUPS™ in combat zones harsh environment.

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  • Shock and vibration

    All our RUPS™ used in communications and electronic power devices are tested and proven with extremely high reliability in combat zone extremely harsh environment for mobile applications with stringent shock and vibration abuse. They have been tested and passed MIL-STD-810G and MIL-S-901-D.

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  • Fault tolerant

    Our Rugged Blade UPS™ is designed to support, resilient, fault tolerant, power systems, using an N+1 configuration, when clean power is mission critical. Acumentrics peer to peer relationship between the units with a "moving master, sliding slave" scheme delivers the highest possible reliability with up to 8 units in parallel using a very resilient N+1 Rugged Sync Bus™

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Total Power Solutions

  • RUPS™
    Acumentrics RUPS 1,000W to 2,400W series RUPS have achieved MIL-STD-810-G (environmental), MIL-STD-461-F (electro-magnetic interference), and MIL-STD-1275-D (steady state and transient voltages) certifications.

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  • PDB and PDU
    The Rugged PDU and Rugged Backplane from Acumentrics eases power distribution, simplifies cabling and offers circular mil-spec connectors sealed with positive latching to protect against rain, wind, dust, blowing sand, humidity, vibration and shock.

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  • Battery Packs, Internal and External modules
    LFP and Lead Acid battery packs provide low maintenance, high run time and enhanced cycle life. Acumentrics External Battery Modules (EBM) increase battery runtime.

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  • Cables & Racks accessories / Cabinets and Transit cases
    Sampling of Acumentrics Rugged UPS accessories. Contact customer services at or at 844-787-7872 (844-RUPS-USA) to discuss your configuration needs.

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