Types of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

There are four types of UPS (uninterruptible power supplies). Acumentrics' products are based on the most reliable, flexible and robust of these four technologies - true on-line UPS. Acumentrics' UPS provide double-conversion on-line power protection to keep computers and communications systems running seamlessly without interruption – in the harshest conditions. Additionally, Acumentrics' UPS can automatically register, condition and convert irregular or international power input.

Acumentrics' UPS units add the ability to take in both DC and AC and give back DC and AC. This is important for users with complex computer and communications systems. Acumentrics' UPS can accept power from a wide variety of sources — AC from 40 to 400 cycles per second and 80-265 volts, plus DC from 22 to 32 volts. The UPS then can give back pure 50 or 60 cycles AC at 110 or 230 volts, and DC at 12, 24, 28, or 48 volts.

The four UPS types are:

  • Standby UPS — The Standby or off-line uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is the simplest and least expensive type of UPS. The back-up battery is not connected to the circuit until a power interruption occurs. At the point when power is disrupted, a transfer switch closes and the battery supplies power. However, there is an unavoidable momentary loss of power as the switch closes. That momentary loss generally is unacceptable to modern computing and telecommunications equipment. A Standby UPS also does not sufficiently protect against voltage sags and low frequency conditions that can occur short of an actual loss of power, all of which can damage sensitive digital equipment.
  • Ferroresonant UPS — A slight improvement over Standby UPS, the Ferroresonant UPS uses a three-coil transformer which acts like a fast switch upon loss of power. However, this UPS does not sufficiently protect against voltage and frequency variations.
  • Line-Interactive UPS — This system uses a continuously running on-line battery with an inverter/converter to keep the battery connected to the output. It provides instantaneous back-up, but is only marginally effective for voltage and frequency problems. Frequent switching to the battery and draining that power source, means these UPS run the risk of not operating during a power outage.
  • Acumentrics True On-line UPS — Acumentrics’ true on-line UPS provides the highest level of power protection of the four types. Through a process of double on-line conversion, all AC input is converted to DC and then back to AC at the proper voltage and frequency – providing both conditioned electrical power and protection against power outages. Since the battery is always in the circuit, there is instant back-up without any loss of power. This design is like the system in a laptop computer. The laptop gets its power from the battery. The battery can be continuously recharged from the AC charger. The laptop keeps running uninterrupted even if the power cord is unplugged.

Power Failure is #1 cause of data loss

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