Rugged-UPS are a Better Value than Commercial Off-The-Shelf Systems (COTS)

Large manufacturers produce commercial UPS products that are well-suited for indoor, environmentally-controlled conditions. Several manufacturers have converted these commercial off-the-shelf products into a “ruggedized” uninterruptible power supply (RUPS) units by adding belts and suspenders to them. Predictably, when military or industrial users try these RUPS products in situations where the power system is subjected to sand, water or shock, these products fail.

We design our Rugged-UPS (RUPS) products to be tough, reliable and tolerant of the worst environmental conditions. Our unique Flo-Thru Heat Sink design allows air filled with dust, salt, sand or smoke to pass through our system without the need for filters.

Acumentrics has earned some of its best customers after they have experienced buying a low cost commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product that could not withstand harsh environments. We provide highly reliable, strongly supported, Rugged-UPS for use in rugged environments throughout the world. Our customers choose our products because we provide one of the most cost-effective and Rugged-UPS products available.

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