Rugged, Reliable UPS and Feature-Rich Power Products

Photo courtesy of ARMY AL&T Online, Richard Mattox.

Acumentrics' Rugged-UPS™ and Power Conditioners are engineered to survive in harsh environments worldwide. We innovated the Flo-Thru™ heatsink, used on the Acumentrics Rugged-UPS, to channel air through a plenum within the unit. This unique UPS (uninterruptible power supply) design provides heat dissipation without exposing electronic components to the external environment, preventing debris, moisture, sand, and other contaminants from coming into contact with internal components. Components are also rigidly mounted to the chassis and withstand extreme temperatures (0–122 degrees Fahrenheit). All of our Rugged-UPS™ units are built to meet a number of Military Standards including:

Acumentrics products are feature-rich including:

  • True world-wide input (80-265VAC, 22-32VDC)
  • Simultaneous AC/DC input and output
  • Hot swappable batteries
  • UPS Configurable for multiple options of AC and DC output
  • Parallel-able (up to 10 units)
  • RS232 or SNMP

Additionally, Acumentrics supplies UPS accessories such as transit cases, mounting hardware and the installation service as requested.

For more information review our white paper on our UPS Design.

Click on the link below to see specifications for our Rugged-UPS™ Products:
Specification Summary for Rugged-UPS™ Products

Acumentrics' Rugged-UPS and Power Conditioners are designed to operate in the kind of heat, cold, dust, rain, shock, and vibration that can easily destroy other uninterruptible power supplies. The Flo-Thru™ heatsinks have such a high tolerance to sand; they are a favorite for military use in forward locations.

Acumentrics' Rugged-UPS™ units are the product of choice for a multitude of harsh “In-Theater” systems including: mobile communications, VSAT terminals, COC shelters and tents, and other forward surveillance applications. Additionally, Acumentrics UPS are used for demanding shipboard applications and have been tested to MIL-STD-1399 and MIL-S-901-D.

Acumentrics customers worldwide include:

  • Raytheon
  • General Dynamics
  • TeleCommunication Systems (TCS)
  • L-3 Communications
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • SAIC
  • CACI
  • BAE Systems
  • United States Coast Guard
  • United States Army
  • United States Marine Corps

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