Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Military Applications

No organization considers fuel to be more precious than the military. The high expense of transporting fuel to forward positions and the essential role it serves in successful missions makes fuel a valuable commodity to the military. Developing a power generator that is twice as efficient, quiet and more reliable than a combustion engine, is of significant focus for Acumentrics.

Our tubular solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology operates on hydrogen rich gas streams that can be derived from JP-8 and can directly generate electricity and heat at an efficiency that will dramatically reduce fuel costs and the risks associated with the military’s supply chain. Furthermore, these systems operate in a water neutral mode that eliminates the need for diversion of the military’s highly precious water supply.

Acumentrics has successfully delivered over 60,000 rugged UPS (RUPS) systems for use in the toughest military environments. Our RUPS are recognized as leading power protection products with high reliability in the field. We are using the same engineering approach to develop a robust, reliable fuel cell system that will tolerate the conditions that mobile power generators experience in those same forward positions. In fact, each of our SOFC power generators is equipped with an internal RUPS so that the military can directly connect our generator output to communications equipment, shelters, and control and surveillance electronics.

Acumentrics is partnering with the military to deliver SOFC generators up to 10 kW that will provide the critical solution to mobile power for the military. These generators will provide the following benefits:

Photo courtesy of ARMY
AL&T Online, Richard Mattox.

  • Increased full load efficiency vs. engines and steady efficiency down to approximately 20% of full power
  • Quiet – only low power fans and pumps cause vibration
  • Reliable –solid state stack construction has no moving parts. System avoids “wet stacking” condition that is common when a diesel engine is operated at below full capacity.
  • Low emissions - nearly undetectable levels of sulfur oxides and nitrous oxides and half the carbon dioxide
  • Low maintenance – no oil changes or lubrications required
  • Easy operation – remote monitoring and control available
  • Low Thermal Signature – low air flow requirements

Acumentrics is developing fuel cell systems due to the generous support from the following organizations:

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