Acumentrics solid oxide fuel cells deliver clean, efficient and quiet electrical power and heat in a reliable system designed for off-grid industrial and military sites. These systems operate on conventional fuels like natural gas and propane for industrial applications, and liquid logistics fuels for military applications.

Today’s remote power generators are noisy, inefficient engines that require oil changes every 500 hours and spew toxic emissions into the atmosphere. The promise of clean fuel cells is now a reality as Acumentrics has completed 10 years of technology development followed by in-field testing followed by introduction of a new generation of fuel cell technology followed by long term validation testing. Acumentrics is now producing and installing commercial fuel cell systems for customers who need industrial, off-grid power systems.

We are able to produce from 250 watts to 2 kilowatts of AC or DC electrical power output in robust and discrete packages. These products produce an immediate operation expense savings based on their high efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements. In most applications we install remote wireless monitoring and control so that we and our customers can be assured of system operation and reliability from anywhere with internet access.

Compared to thermal electric generators, our fuel cell systems provide a clean and reliable electrical output with 10 to 20 times greater efficiency. Operating at 250 watts, our fuel cell will save between $2,200 and $6,000 per year of natural gas and 50 tons of CO2 emissions.

Acumentrics has deployed over 60,000 rugged UPS systems to the US military for use in forward- operating bases where performance under the worst environmental conditions is mission-critical. With this experience, we have developed and tested fuel cell systems that have successfully performed in uncontrolled environmental conditions of Alaska, Ohio, Portugal, Spain and Massachusetts. Further demonstrating their robust design, these systems were fueled by natural gas, propane and biogas.

With a successful history delivering military UPS products, Acumentrics is proudly developing for the US Navy and US Army, fuel cell systems that operate on their preferred liquid fuel, JP-8. Under funding from these military organizations and the US Department of Energy, Acumentrics has rapidly increased the power output, longevity and efficiency while lowering system cost. We are planning up to 10 kilowatt systems that will produce regulated electrical power, high quality heat and pure water for military missions.

Continuous power generators that are clean, quiet and efficient, Acumentrics fuel cells can be your solution for reliable electricity and heat.