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Acumentrics’ COTS Select™ UPS combines affordability with enhanced features designed to withstand shock and vibration while offering a higher level of performance than typical COTS products.

High Efficiency
Output factor of 0.9 provides higher performance and efficiency, allowing a small form factor, which frees rack space for computers, servers and other critical electronics.
Vertical or Horizontal Orientation Universal mount case enables system to be installed as floor-standing tower or in 19” rack.

Emergency Power Off (EPO)
The COTS Select EPO function ensures safety of equipment and personnel. The capability to shut down the system with one push button means the system can be secured to protect users and down stream equipment in emergency situations.

Ruggedized Design
Conformal coated circuit cards for improved performance in humid conditions and robustly mounted components offer advancements over standard COTS UPS devices.

On-line Double Conversion
True on-line, double conversion continually creates a true sine wave AC output from a DC bus; protecting sensitive equipment from surges, spikes, brownouts, blackouts, and noise.

This feature enables remote monitoring and controlling of the UPS in real time via a LAN system or web browser. This increases safety of users in combat and other demanding applications like oil and gas and mining.

Smart Battery Reminder
Users can quickly and easily assess charge level and operability of battery pack as well as receive warning of when battery requires replacing.

Self-Testing Feature
Remote applications require easy, real-time troubleshooting. Built-in self-diagnostic function identifies what is needed to maintain continuous power.

Power (Watts)
H,W,L (inch)
3.5", 17", 25"
Height Unit(s)
2 U
Lead Acid Battery
Backup Time
5 min
Total RUPS weight
59 lbs

Our COTS select

Why Acumentrics

Since 1994, Acumentrics design and manufacturing teams are experts at only one thing: delivering total power solutions, when clean power is mission critical in extreme harsh conditions.

Made in Walpole, MA (USA) Acumentrics total power solutions includes Rugged-UPS™ (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with backplanes, cables, powerconditioners, inverters and power distribution units that can be mounted on 19" racks and transit cases.


Acumentrics RUPS offer

Flo-Thru™ Technology, TrueWorldwide Input™, Power FactorCorrection, User ReplaceableBattery Pack, On-line Double Conversion…


Certifications for military standards

Acumentrics Rugged-UPS™, passed all the most stringent MIL standards to provide very resilient power systems for very mission critical applications.

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Acumentrics Rugged-UPS™

Acumentrics Rugged-UPS™ products extend mission duration and boost agility because they convert electrical output from almost any generator, seamlessly back-up power interruptions, and survive real military action. Our unique Flo-Thru™ design maximizes internal cooling while sealing electronic components from the elements. Our lightweight, durable aluminum chassis takes severe shaking and shock. Where other uninterruptible power supply products fail, our Rugged-UPS™ thrives.

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