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Power Conditioner ACT2500 Series


A Complete Power Management Solution For Demanding Applications 

The ACT2500 is a rugged vehicle power conditioner with roll-over protection for greater crew safety and survivability. This product and its unique, patent features (Patent US 8,433,454 B2  April 8, 2013), provides evidence of Acumentrics' continued commitment to the effectiveness and safety of the Warfighter with these enhancements to our proven, high-reliability and quality-designed power solutions.

With the Smart Power Conditioner™, Acumentrics continues to provide innovative, rugged, reliable power solutions that meet the rigorous needs of soldiers in the field of battle around the world. End-users can rely on these for vehicle and C4ISR applications to work under hazardous conditions in the most austere, constrained and degraded situations. 

The Acumentrics Smart Power Conditioner provides 2000W of configurable AC or DC output from 80 VAC to 265 VAC / 47 Hz to 440 Hz or 22 VDC to 32 VDC. True Worldwide Input™ enables users to harness power from field generators, vehicles and any international power standard. This durable and versatile power conditioning system contains advanced double on-line conversion to provide highly reliable power conditioning for the most sensitive electronic devices. 

Automatic Shutdown During Vehicle Rollovers 
Acumentrics’ Power Conditioners automatically sense the orientation of a vehicle and can be programmed to shut down power or send a trigger signal in the event of a rollover. This patented design feature is uniquely offered in Acumentrics power conditioners. 

Power Factor Corrected 
The Smart Power Conditioner accepts a wide range of voltages and frequencies, while providing clean, reliable AC and DC power as well as seamless switching from AC shore power to DC power to the internal battery. 

On-Line Double Conversion 
True on-line, double conversion Smart Power Conditioners continually create a pure AC sine wave or DC output from an isolated DC output. This protects sensitive equipment from input surges, spikes, brownouts, blackouts, and noise. 

Lightweight Aluminum Chassis 
The Smart Power Conditioner is housed in a compact, lightweight chassis. All-aluminum, welded construction minimizes overall weight of the unit while maintaining high durability.

Power (Watts)
H,W,L (inch)
7", 12", 21"
Height Unit(s)
Total weight
50 lbs

United States Military Standard

Certification(s) for this product:

Blown Precipitation - MIL-STD-810G
Shipboard - MIL-STD-1399
Shock - MIL-STD-810F
Vehicle Power - MIL-STD-1275
Vibration - MIL-STD-167-1

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Since 1994, Acumentrics engineering and manufacturing teams continue to deliver total power solutions that provide data center quality power to mission critical applications. Made in Walpole, MA (USA) Acumentrics total power solutions includes Rugged-UPS™ (Uninterruptible Power Supply), power conditioners, inverters, portable power and power distribution units that can be mounted in 19" racks, transit cases, roller cases, back packs and hand carried.


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