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Acumentrics RUPS offers six principal classes of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supplies: 4U (B2K), 3U, 2U1U (Rugged Blade), Half Rack, and small form factor UPS's in our Portable Power line, which are all configurable for different applications and are offered with accessories including battery chargers, battery packs, transit cases, mounting kits, cables and SNMP software. 

All of Acumentrics six principal product lines are based on the same power system architecture: 

Illustration - Fault N+1
Fault N+1

The 4U (B2K), 3U, 2U, 1U (Rugged Blade), Half Rack, and small form factor UPS's in our Portable Power line, are designed for military application or similar industrial application.

All products are certified or designed to meet certain critical military standards, including 810G (environmental extremes, blown precipitation, shock and vibration), 461F (low Electro-Magnetic Interference), 1275D (steady output in the face of wide input voltage variations) and 1399 and 901 (Harmonics and Torpedo shock proof for Naval applications).  

Acumentrics Power Solutions are deployed in thousands of Global programs since our founding in 1994.

The following table summarizes the key differences between Acumentrics’ six principal products;

Primary features


  • Flo-Thru™
  • True worldwide input™
  • AC/DC conversion/conditioning
  • Online dual conversion
  • LFP Battery
  • N + I Fault Tolerant
  • SNMP v3

Portable Power Products

  • True worldwide input™
  • AC/DC conversion/conditioning
  • On-line dual conversion
  • LFP Battery



  • EMI – MIL-STD-461-F
  • Shock - MIL-STD-810-G and MIL-S-901-D
  • Vibration–MIL-STD-167-1
  • Shipboard–MIL-STD-1399
  • Environmental–MIL-STD-810-G
  • DOD 28VDC MIL Vehicles–1275-D


Portable Power Products

  • UL Listed
  • FCC Class A
  • IP66 & IP54
  • UN-DOT 38.3
  • UL60601 (Medical Grade)
  • FAA Compliant for commercial flight overhead compartment


  1. 4U, 3U, 2U 1U, and Half Rack: Can be mounted in racks and transit cases, U is the height unit, all of them being a multiple of 1.75" (i.e. 1U=1.75", 2U=3.5", 4U=7")
  2. Flo-Thru™: Technology trademarked by Acumentrics: Unique heatsink tunnel design and gasket sealed enclosure provides maximum protection for components from the damaging effects of moisture, airborne particles, and other contaminants in the operating environment allowing very high quality and reliability.
  3. Online dual conversion: Creation of DC voltage, which is then converted to the needed AC or DC output voltage, protecting sensitive equipment from surges, spikes, brownouts, blackouts and noise. The output signal quality is independent of the input signal quality.
  4. LFP Battery: The latest Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry provides a Lead Acid Battery replacement with a very safe solution that provides a much longer run time (>2X) and is much lighter (X/2) with a storage time that is 3 to 5 times longer.
  5. N+1: Is the ability to deliver a fault tolerant power system by adding units in parallel with handshake functionality between units, that delivers a very clean power when one unit becomes non operational. It also supports the navy ship zonal design architecture that is critical to deliver power to mission critical systems.
  6. SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol provides the communication interface for exchanging information between network devices. This protocol is commonly used for military and DOD applications and also used in other industrial applications. SNMPv3 provides an addition of cryptographic security required for secure operations.

Acumentrics RUPS Unique Technology offer:

Flo-Thru™ Technology – Unique heat exchanger tunnel design and environmental EMI gasket sealed enclosure provides maximum protection for internal components from the damaging effects of blown precipitation, moisture, airborne particles, and other contaminants in the operating environment. Advanced fan controls provide the correct airflow for cooling, while minimizing noise and fan life.

True Worldwide Input™ – Compatibility with global voltages and frequencies source — AC from 40 to 440 Hertz and 80-265 volts, plus DC from 20 to 32 volts. The UPS then can output pure 50 or 60 cycles AC at 110 or 230 volts, and DC at 12, 24, 28, or 48 volts.

Power Factor Correction – Seamless active power-factor correction and clean, reliable AC or DC power, provides high efficiency.

User Replaceable Battery Pack – Rapid hot-swap field replacement.

On-line Double Conversion – Creation of DC voltage which is then converted to the needed AC or DC output voltage, protecting sensitive equipment from common power problems that can harm your computers and corrupt your data like: power failure (a total loss of input utility power), power sag (short-term low voltage), power surge (spike), under-voltage (brownout), over-voltage, line noise (high frequency waveform caused by RFI or EMI interference), frequency variance (a change in frequency stability), switching transient (instantaneous under-voltage - notch), harmonic distortion (distortion of the normal waveform generally transmitted by nonlinear loads) [reference IEEE E-0505].


Types of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

There are four types of UPS technologies. Acumentrics' products are based on the most reliable, flexible and robust of these four technologies - true On-line Double Conversion UPS.

Acumentrics' UPS provide double-conversion on-line power protection to keep computers and communications systems running seamlessly without interruption – in the harshest conditions. Additionally, Acumentrics' UPS can auto range, condition and convert irregular or international power input.

The 4 UPS Types are:

Standby UPS — The Standby or off-line uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is the simplest and least expensive type of UPS. The back-up battery is not connected to the circuit until a power interruption occurs. At the point when power is disrupted, a transfer switch closes and the battery supplies power. However, there is an unavoidable momentary loss of power as the switch closesThat momentary loss generally is unacceptable to modern computing and telecommunications equipment. A Standby UPS also does not sufficiently protect against voltage sags and low frequency conditions that can occur short of an actual loss of power, all of which can damage sensitive digital equipment.

Ferro-resonant UPS — A slight improvement over Standby UPS, the Ferro-resonant UPS uses a three-coil transformer which acts like a fast switch upon loss of power. However, this UPS does not sufficiently protect against voltage and frequency variations.

Line-Interactive UPS — This system uses a continuously running on-line battery with an inverter/converter to keep the battery connected to the output. It provides instantaneous back-up, but is only marginally effective for voltage and frequency problemsFrequent switching to the battery and draining that power source, means these UPS run the risk of not operating during a power outage.

Acumentrics True On-line Double Conversion UPS — Acumentrics’ true on-line UPS provides the highest level of power protection of the four types. Through a process of double on-line conversion, all AC input is converted to DC and then back to AC at the proper voltage and frequency – providing both conditioned electrical power and protection against power outages. Since the battery is always in the circuit, there is instant back-up without any loss of power. This design is like the system in a laptop computer. The laptop gets its power from the battery. The battery can be continuously recharged from the AC charger. The laptop keeps running uninterrupted even if the power cord is unplugged.

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Pack-Power System

Tested to withstand

  • Cold temperature

    Acumentrics Total Power Solutions including the RUPS™ are tested to the most stringent cold temperatures down to -20°C with LFP batteries. For solutions requiring lower temperatures, contact Acumentrics.

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  • Hot temperature

    Acumentrics Total Power Solutions are field war zone proven and support very high temperatures with very long life and high reliability with LFP Chemistry up to 60°C. Storage at high temperatures is possible with a very limited effect on battery life.

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  • Blown Precipitation

    Our unique heat exchanger Flo-thru™ technology, tunnel design and sealed enclosure provide maximum protection for internal components from damaging effects of blown precipitation and any other contaminants like dust, sand, moisture and others, delivering an unmatched reliability for our RUPS™ in combat zones harsh environment.

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  • Shock and vibration

    All our RUPS™ used in communications and electronic power devices are tested and proven with extremely high reliability in combat zone extremely harsh environment for mobile applications with stringent shock and vibration abuse. They have been tested and passed MIL-STD-810G and MIL-S-901-D.

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  • Fault tolerant

    Our Rugged Blade UPS™ is designed to support, resilient, fault tolerant, power systems, using an N+1 configuration, when clean power is mission critical. Acumentrics peer to peer relationship between the units with a "moving master, sliding slave" scheme delivers the highest possible reliability with up to 8 units in parallel using a very resilient N+1 Rugged Sync Bus™

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Total Power Solutions

  • RUPS™
    Acumentrics RUPS 1,000W to 2,400W series RUPS have achieved MIL-STD-810-G (environmental), MIL-STD-461-F (electro-magnetic interference), and MIL-STD-1275-D (steady state and transient voltages) certifications.

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  • PDB and PDU
    The Rugged PDU and Rugged Backplane from Acumentrics eases power distribution, simplifies cabling and offers circular mil-spec connectors sealed with positive latching to protect against rain, wind, dust, blowing sand, humidity, vibration and shock.

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  • Battery Packs, Internal and External modules
    LFP and Lead Acid battery packs provide low maintenance, high run time and enhanced cycle life. Acumentrics External Battery Modules (EBM) increase battery runtime.

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  • Cables & Racks accessories / Cabinets and Transit cases
    Sampling of Acumentrics Rugged UPS accessories. Contact customer services at or at 844-787-7872 (844-RUPS-USA) to discuss your configuration needs.

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Acumentrics' Products


Why Acumentrics

Since 1994, Acumentrics engineering and manufacturing teams continue to deliver total power solutions that provide data center quality power to mission critical applications. Made in Walpole, MA (USA) Acumentrics total power solutions includes Rugged-UPS™ (Uninterruptible Power Supply), power conditioners, inverters, portable power and power distribution units that can be mounted in 19" racks, transit cases, roller cases, back packs and hand carried.


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